DATUM: 23-26 november 2023
PLATS: Berns Salonger & Hobo Hotel Stockholm

Streetstar welcomes you to the final edition of the Streetstar Festival 2023!

For the past eighteen years Streetstar Festival has been the epicenter of street dance culture in Sweden bringing the finest and best dancers, Mc´s and Dj´s from all over the world together for a few epic days in Stockholm each year.
From the start in 2006 to this very day, Streetstar Festival has been about celebrating urban culture and bringing together dancers from all over the world to create new platforms and meetings. We are proud and humble of the amazing moments that have occurred on our dance floors for all exchanges, performances and collaborations. We have had over 10 000 dancers from more than 50 countries participate in the cyphers and battles on the dance floor over the years.
We want to extend a massive thank you to all dancers, artists, crew, partners and audience that has been part of our journey, this would not have been possible without all of you!

Time has come for the final edition of Streetstar Festival 2023 and it will be nothing less than spectacular with some of the world’s finest dancers in:

The marvelous program this year will include BATTLES, SHOWCASES, PARTIES, MOVIES, PANELS, WORKSHOPS and a special DJ EVENT.

Eighteen years of magic will culminate into a big party at Berns Salonger – Stockholm’s legendary and historical main house of entertainment for the past 150 years – on 23-26 November and you are invited to join the Grand Finale of Streetstar Festival 2023.

Let’s share the stage and dance together in all the cyphers of the future!

Battle Categories:
1vs1 Hip Hop
1vs1 Popping
1vs1 Breaking
2vs2 Dancehall
2vs2 All That Disco (Waacking & Locking)
1vs1 All Style Yangstas (up to 16 years)

More information: